Accelerate Your Production Cycles & Manufacturing With Better Job Cards

ERPNext’s manufacturing job cards are super-powered and simplified to make time and process tracking smoother. Even better, they're built into the best open source manufacturing ERP software, which simplifies your production cycle, helps track material consumption, analyzes capacity planning, and more.

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Powerful Production Tracking For Manufacturers

Job cards track the work performed at each workstation. After a work order is submitted, job cards tell a workstation to start producing goods — using a defined item, quantity, and set of operations. They also make it easy to track progress toward completing those goods.

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Automatically Created From Work Orders

Create a work order in ERPNext, and job cards will be automatically created with whatever you need. Include the start and end times, assigned employees, completed quantities, time logs, and more.

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Use Job Cards To Set Employees' Work

Assign employees to your job cards, and the company calendar will automatically get populated with employee assignments and timings.

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Transfer Only The Material You Need

Want to ensure that stock entry happens only when an operation is starting? Transfer material against job cards with the Material Request feature.

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Track Progress On Every Good

Job cards define all the operations it takes to manufacture a good. Once each operation is done, it is logged in the job card, making it easy to track the progress of all your goods in production.

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Improve Your Costing

Job cards can be used to track your operating costs for each work order. Track each operation to automatically calculate how much a good cost to make — including both actual and additional costs.

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Better Shop Floor Management

Combine job cards with ERPNext's Operations and Workstations features to automatically track all daily activities on your shop floor. View real-time status of workstation locations, employee assignments, work orders' status and pending steps, and more — all in one screen.

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Make Your Own Job Card

Mold the job card to make it exactly as your organization needs. Use the “Customize” form to add or remove any fields.

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Multilingual Job Cards

Can't find your language? Help us translate:

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Job Cards Are Built Into Our Smart, DIY Manufacturing ERP

With ERPNext, it's easy to coordinate all verticals of your manufacturing business. Integrate production planning and shop floor with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, financial reporting, and more.

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