The ERPNext Newsletter October 2020

January 25, 2022

This month we bring you product updates like a new page builder, a revamped module in healthcare, some more blogs on how software helps in manufacturing efficiency, and some inventory management blogs on SKUs, and inventory control. 

In videos, we have something that nobody wants to talk about and a v13 teaser giving you a peek into what it’s going to look like ?.

ERPNext Updates

Here’s a roundup of select product updates this month:

  1. Your website could always do better with nice web pages. Although the first cut was decent enough to create pages, the page builder is now better with multiple layouts, colors, and customizations. The barebones version now has a lot of features and components. You will be able to create rich web pages with different layouts without a single line of code. I’m excited to use this since I especially hate dealing with HTML. 
  2. If you thought the enhancements to the Healthcare module and the addition of Rehabilitation features were great, we’re not done. The laboratory module is now also revamped with lab tests, sample collection, and all the features to manage the results.
  3. Many people asked for this, now you have it. Process Statement of Account will allow you to remind multiple customers that their payment is pending. 

There’s also an ongoing discussion on naming changes in v13, check out and join the discussion.


Read on for the blogs this month on manufacturing and inventory:

  1. The manufacturing method you follow depends a lot on the industry you’re in. Doing JIT or make to order doesn’t make sense in consumables. At the same, time you should know that if you’re running a Job Shop, you shouldn’t fixate on BOMs or stock materials. Let’s understand Make to stock, make to order, and engineer to order. The manufacturing methods explained with configuration.
  2. Better manufacturing efficiency is something every business wants. While you can do multiple physical changes in the supply chain and storage, software configurations can also help a great deal. To know how, check out 8 ways software can help manufacturing efficiency.
  3. Managing a lot of inventory is tricky, especially if you’re using item names the size of this paragraph. To make your life easier in inventory management use stock keeping units. Read SKUs or stock keeping units: The what, why, and how?
  4. Inventory control directly affects profitability and customer base. Everything you do from the moment stock items enter your warehouse till they leave matters. And no, it’s not simply about counting stock levels. Learn more by reading What is inventory control? Its objectives, methods, and how to do it.


Here are two videos on ERP implementations and a teaser.

  1. ERP implementations are a dark chapter in every business owner’s life. Everyone wants it but nobody wants to talk about it. Well, almost nobody. Watch Rushabh talk about The Truth About ERP Implementations.
  2. Remember I told you that v13 will look different for the better? That must’ve gotten you thinking, so here’s an ERPNext version 13 teaser.

Frappe cloud

You can now add custom site configurations to your sites from the Frappe Cloud dashboard.

FOSS Hackathon

  1. It was a good remote event with a lot of talks, some of which you can replay on YouTube.
  2. There were a lot of submissions, glad to see open source love. Check out the FOSS projects here.
  3. Congratulations to all the winners, see the list here.

Help article

Here’s an inventory-based documentation that’ll come in handy when dealing with serial numbers when manufacturing.

  1. Serialized inventory tracking

Did you know?

Serial numbers can be generated automatically based on the prefix you set or entered manually each time. But once you create transactions and serial numbers are generated, you cannot remove the serial number association from the item.

What’s up at Frappe

We’ve welcomed three engineers and two consultants last month. And are still hiring for developers and consultants, about eight vacancies. Check out the careers page, if someone might be interested, let them know.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… including yourself” - Anne Lamott

Sometimes it's good to take a break, even if you have nothing to do, doing nothing does a lot sometimes. I took a week long break this month, thought I’d read more, learn, etc, but ended up doing almost nothing and it felt good.

So while we’re all looking out the window, furiously sanitizing groceries, mindlessly scrolling feeds, and working, try unplugging and taking a break from everything that feels like work.

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Prasad from Frappe.