Frappe Central business whitepaper

ERPNext is an open source ERP, ever wanted to white label ERPNext and sell to your locality? With Frappe central you can do this and manage all accounts from one place.

Frappe Central

White labeling open source products is not uncommon. If you have wondered if there is an ERP software you can white label, ERPNext is one of them. But managing multiple hostings is not easy. To manage ERPNext hosting better, we've come up with Frappe Central. Frappe Central is an all-powerful tool to manage ERPNext hosting, signups, and customers.

This business white paper talks about Frappe Central, a SaaS management tool that lets you sell ERPNext with full control over pricing, terms, and even branding. Download the white paper to know more if you're interested in ERPNext white labeling.

Frappe Central Summary

Managing any kind of SaaS hosting on a large scale is a difficult job. This is especially true for complex systems like ERPs. This paper describes Frappe Central which is a powerful ERPNext site management tool with all the features neatly bundled in the form of simple UI. We present Frappe Central as a complete solution for managing SaaS, billing your customers, managing multiple customer sites, setting up servers, and more. Central also handles continuous deployment and provides tools for partner management.

Frappe Central Whitepaper
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Table of contents


1. Introduction    

1.1 What is Central?    

1.2 Who is Central for?    

1.3 Why use Central?    

2. SAAS Platform    

2.1 Custom Branding and Content Management    

2.2 Custom Plans and Paywalls    

2.3 Signup Flow    

2.4 Automated Provisioning of a New Instance    

2.5 Subdomain Proxy    

2.6 Auto Installation of Custom Apps    

2.7 Trial and Expiry    

2.8 Drip Emails    

2.9 SAAS Reports    

3. Billing and Subscription    

3.1 Payment Gateway Integration    

3.2 Subscription and One-Time Billing    

3.3 Account Self Service Portal    

3.4 Add Ons    

3.5 API Billing Integration    

4. Site Management    

4.1 Site Summary    

4.2 Account Archive and Restore    

4.3 Plan Management    

4.4 Administrator Login    

4.5 In-App Support    

5. Server Management    

5.1 Setup New Servers    

5.2 Master Replica Configuration    

5.3 Server Monitoring    

5.4 Master Replica Changeover    

5.5 Backup Management    

5.6 Server Log Management    

5.7 Bare metal Advantage    

6. Continuous Deployment    

6.1 Auto Deploy    

6.2 Timezone Aware Scheduling    

6.3 Automatic Recovery for Failed Deployments    

6.4 Deploy Queues    

6.5 Multi-Version Support    

6.6 Deploy Logging    

7. Partner Management    

7.1 Partner Sign Up and Listing    

7.2 Partner Category and Payments    

7.3 Partner Credits    

7.4 Referral Key    

7.5 Lead Registration    

7.6 Partner Content Portal    

8. Central Support    

8.1 ERPNext Bug Fix Support    

8.2 Server Management Support    

8.3 Incident Support    

8.4 Upgrade Support    

8.5 Scalability Support    

8.6 Security Support    



ERPNext is the world's best 100% Open Source ERP Solution

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Get a real time view of your cash flow. Full fledged accounting module covering every aspect of book keeping.

HR & Payroll

Manage full employee life cycle right from onboarding, payroll, attendance, expense claims, assets to separation.


Effectively maintain and manage multilevel bill of materials, production planning, job cards & inventory.

Sales & Purchase

Increase productivity and lower costs by managing your sales and purchase cycles, from purchase to sales orders


Win and retain more customers by optimising sales process. Track leads, opportunities and send the quotes on the go.


Deliver both internal and external projects on time, budget and profitability. Track tasks, timesheets and issues by project.


Deliver a better service experience with an intuitive issue tracker and integrated knowledge base.

Asset Management

Maintain and Manage details of assets, their movement, value adjustment and depreciation.


ERPNext comes with a fully featured content management with blogs, web pages and forms.

Integrate with your favourite Apps

ERPNext has a host of built-in integrations that help your business take-off faster

ERPNext Integrations

Integrate with your favourite Apps

ERPNext has a host of built-in integrations that help your business take-off faster

ERPNext Integrations

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