ERPNext and Frappe Framework release v13.5 and v13.6

A highlight of what's new in ERPNext and Frappe Framework v13.5 and v13.6

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In June, two more quick releases were rolled out as ERPNext v13.5 and 13.6 and also Frappe Framework v13.5 and v13.6. Let’s see the major feature highlights in them.

ERPNext v13.5 and v13.6

Tax deduction against advance payments

This feature adds a provision to deduct TDS against two areas—Purchase Orders using Payment Entries and TDS deduction against advance payments. The “Advance Taxes and Charges” table is added in ‘Payment Entry’ to support this.

Employee Grievance

With this feature, Grievance Types like Pay and Benefits and Interpersonal Grievance like Employee Abuse. From here, the employees of an organization can raise grievances and after investigation actions like pay cut and suspension can be taken and recorded in ERPNext.

Job Card enhancements

Job card has multiple enhancements like:

  • A new sub-operations table in the Operation document tracks sub-operations under an operation. Sub-operations can also be completed in the job card.

  • Job Cards can now be created based on batch size. For example, if the quantity to manufacture is 100 in the work order and the work order has an operation cutting with batch size as 30 then the system will create four Job Cards for the operation ‘Cutting’ with sizes 30, 30, 30, and 10.

  • There’s an option in manufacturing settings to make serial number/batch number for finished goods on submission of a work order.
  • An option to track an operation as a ‘corrective operation’.
  • Users can now create a ‘Corrective Job Card’ after the Job Card is completed.
  • Users can now assign Multiple Employees to a single job card.

Fetching quantity as received quantity from purchase receipt to purchase invoice

In Buying Settings, there’s a new checkbox called “Consider Rejected Quantity For Purchase Invoice”. When this checkbox is enabled, a Purchase Invoice created from a Purchase Receipt will be on basis of ‘Received Quantity’ in that Purchase Receipt and if unchecked, the Purchase Invoice created from a Purchase Receipt will be on basis of ‘Accepted Quantity’ in that Purchase Receipt.

Item Taxes based on the net rate

This feature introduces the automatic application of Item taxes based on the final net rate. This feature will be useful In countries where taxes on items depends on the final value of an item.

Refactored maintenance schedule and visit document

There are multiple improvements to the Maintenance Schedule and Maintenance Visit documents in the Support module.

  1. A Maintenance Schedule is generated immediately after saving
  2. The end date for a schedule is now automatically set based on periodicity and number of visits
  3. The form is improved visually
  4. A Dialog Box shows up for creating a new visit instead of opening the Maintenance Visit document
  5. The Status and Dates and updated immediately after submitting scheduled visits

Other minor additions

Here are some minor enhancements in ERPNext V13.5 and V13.6.

Cost-center wise period closing entry

Previously, when creating a Period Closing Voucher, the net profit and loss were booked against the company's default cost center. Now, an enhancement allows booking net profit and loss according to the individual voucher's Cost Center.

Multi-account selection in General Ledger

When generating a General Ledger report, users can now select more than one Account at a time.

Subcontracting enhancements

The subcontracting feature saw the following enhancements:

  • Consumed quantity can now be edited in the Purchase Receipt.
  • Non-consumed components can be retrieved from the Supplier and recorded in a Purchase Order.
  • There’s a new report called “Subcontract Order Summary”

A new ‘Inactive’ status in Employee

Inactive employees are different from employees who have left. These can be seasonal workers, daily wage employees, and contractors. In such cases, their status can be set to ‘Inactive’.

Combining items with same BOM in Production Plans

In a Production Plan, if "Consolidate Items" is enabled, items with the same bill of materials are combined and a single item is used with the combined total planned quantity.

Item Tax Templates for Germany

Item tax templates have been enhanced for Germany. Now there’s one generic Sales Taxes and Charges Template "VAT" with multiple Accounts at a default rate of 0.00 as opposed the multiple rates before. Item Tax Templates for each tax rate is used to apply the correct rate. This way, Items with different tax rates can be sold in a single transaction.

Refactored Vehicle Expenses Report

New filters are available like:

  • Filters Based On: Fiscal Year / Date Range
  • Employee
  • Vehicle

The Vehicle Log document is also enhanced visually.

Frappe Framework v13.5 and v13.6

Form tour information can be customized using Form Tour DocType

The form tour is an onboarding feature that helps guide new ERPNext users with popups and tutorial style prompts. The new changes allow more configuration and have also made the Popover Position, Conditional Navigation configurable.

An option to disable the navigation button in the slack message

When a file is shared with a Slack message, there’s a checkbox that lets the user disable the button which shows link to the document.

Feedback feature for Blog Post

There’s a new feature called “Feedback” which can be set in doctypes, for example, a Blog Post to gather feedback from readers. There’s a 1 to 10 rating and a text box to learn what the readers think about your blog.

You can leave feedback for this blog at the bottom and even other ones on ERPNext.

URL option for Data fieldtype

In field types, there’s a new option called URL for Data type fields. The user can type a URL (just like Email, Phone, etc.) in the options input. URL validation will be applied to Data fields having options set to URL.

For a full list of fixes and more details, visit the discussion forums:

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Unable to update to v13 from v12

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Great velocity on the releases since v13.