ERPNext v12.6.0 and Frappe Framework v12.4.0 released

A highlight of what's new in ERPNext Version 12.6.0 and Frappe Framework 12.4.0.

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ERPNext Version 12.6.0

Yesterday, ERPNext version 12.6.0 and Frappe 12.4.0 were released. They come with minor enhancements, many fixes, and some performance optimizations.


  • In salary structures, formulas weren’t allowed on total earnings in deduction table of salary structure. Now they are.
  • If the accounting dimension is tree-structured document (like territory, customer group, warehouse) and in the report, filter is set based on group node, you'll now get results based on all children. Filter accounting dimensions on group type documents wasn't possible previously.
  • Now, Item Alternatives must have similar properties as original item. For example differences in serial number, batch number, stock item are not allowed. Show multiple manufacturers and part numbers in BOM Stock Calculated report.


  • Payment reconciliation was slow in cases where one payment entry was made against hundreds of invoices. Payment Reconciliation is 20x faster where large number of invoices are involved.  where large number of invoices are involved. 
  • Optimization of GL entry posting for Payment Entries. Payment entry submission and GL entry posting is now faster in case of hundreds of invoices. 
  • Serial numbers are not processed much faster in stock entries for stock transactions like Material Receipt, Material Transfer, and Purchase Receipt. In fact, any kind of stock transaction involving hundreds of serial numbers that effect the ledger are faster.


  • Rate and amount in material request should not be copied from sales order 
  • Update Items after submission only if Rate or qty changed 
  • Odometer value was not syncing properly for vehicles
  • Earned leave were not getting created when the max leaves allowed were set to 0 or less 
  • Additional salary will not be created for inactive employee 
  • Accounts dashboard was not working 
  • Ignore mandatory fields while creating Material Request based on reorder level 
  • Ignore permission when deleting linked emails in process of deletion of all company transactions to allow roles other than the Administrator
  • Total amount was not displaying in Journal Entry 
  • HSN Code was not visible in GST itemized sales register 
  • Validate Serial No/Batch No against unserialized item in Stock Reconciliation 
  • Customer Group filter resets on syncing invoices in offline POS 
  • Purchase Return was allowed even when assets are not cancelled 
  • Reserved qty for production calculation if material transfer is skipped 
  • Lock stock ledger entries that are being reposted to control concurrency 

Frappe Framework Version 12.4.0


  • Introduced frequent job scheduling. The job run interval was previously 60s, now it can be configured to use custom intervals.
  • Introduced Frappe Monitor. This is a toned down version of Frappe Recorder.
  • Child table fields can now be aggregated in report view. For example, you can find total quantity or rate of items (child table field) across all Sales Order. This applies to all child table field across all reports.

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Read-only fieldtypes can be used for standard filters.
  • Fixed bulk Workflow Action error handling.
  • Fixed and enhanced Data Import Beta.
  • Fixed Quick Entry UX issue. Now dependent fields are displayed only when the prerequisite field has data.
  • Setup Wizard is now faster.

Bug Fixes

  • “duplicate entry error” while renaming
  • Issues with workflow action emails
  • Permission validation for child table fields
  • Calculation of week ending date in Dashboard Charts

Want to discuss and look at the GitHub pull requests? Knock yourself out.

Prasad Ramesh

Marketing at Frappe.

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magdy 4 years ago

what about multiple cost center in expense claim?