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An open source, modern and easy online software that lets you manage your store's website pages, product catalogue, shopping cart, web forms and more with the built-in portal.

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Build Your Ecommerce Website

ERPNext is a simple yet powerful website builder with advanced theming capabilities to help you customize the look and feel of your website and make it match your brand.

Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Website
Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Product Catalog

Product Catalog

ERPNext provides a product listing page where your customers can discover your products. The page is enabled by default if you have published items on your website. You can go to the product listing by clicking on the Explore button on your homepage or visiting the /all-products route.

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Product Display

ERPNext provides product pages for your sales items, and they can be configured from the Item master. A product page will be built for each item, with fields like description and stock quantity pulled from the system.

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Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Product Display
Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Product Configuration

Product Configuration

If you have a wide variety of products, you can give the option to configure your products based on item variants. Customers can customize the product and then proceed to the shopping cart.

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Shopping Cart Settings

This is where you define the settings of your ecommerce portal's shopping cart. You can specify defaults such as company, price list, and naming series here.

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Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Shopping Cart Settings

Shopping Cart

In addition to listing your products on the website, ERPNext also allows you to sell them via the shopping cart.

Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Shopping Cart

Auto-Creation Of Quotations

When the customer adds a product to their shopping cart, a quotation is created in the system automatically.

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Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Quotation
Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Customer Address

Customer Address

Your customers can add their billing and shipping address through the portal before the cart checkout. These details are saved in the invoice that is created in the system. Then when the customer places their order, a sales order is auto-created.

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Sales Invoice Via Cart

Once the customer has paid via the payment gateway, a sales invoice is generated in the system.

Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Sales Invoice

Contact Us

With web forms on ERPNext's website builder, you can create dynamic forms on your website to collect information from customers (such as addresses and contact details). For instance, the Contact Us form is a web form created for your customers to get in touch with you.

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Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Contact
Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

It's crucial that your website ranks highly for the keywords your prospects are searching for. Enhance the visibility of your products and offerings by optimizing your site's SEO and maximizing social promotion. Don't lose business anymore — expand your reach and engage audiences in minutes.

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Blog Posts

Create blog posts effortlessly with this ecommerce portal. The blog posts can help you establish a good SEO score. Responding to comments and questions on your blog can reveal what your customers like and what they’re looking for — anything from feedback on your product to FAQs about your company. Create a stunning blog, grow your community, and share your ideas.

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Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Blog Posts


Whether it’s for your business or yourself, a good blog can help position your brand as an industry leader and establish stronger ties with customers.

Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Blog

Social Login Keys

Social login speeds up the process of onboarding new users by letting them log into your website via their Google, Facebook or GitHub account. It's easy to set up — just a one-time configuration that will help you gain users easily. Social logins also help you to understand the quality of your customers since their social profile is easily accessible. Know the difference between a prospect and a suspect user!

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Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Social Login Keys
Responsive Open Source Ecommerce Portal


ERPNext is the mobile-friendly website software. Manage the layout of your website with Bootstrap 4's cutting edge technology. Customize your website's appearance and layout for any screen size. The responsive website builder provides the optimal experience for a wide range of devices — mobiles, tablets and computers.

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Website Chat

Capture the attention of your prospects as they browse your website by enabling website visitor chat. It's a one-time configuration that empowers you to log every visitor's chat, so you can analyze their business needs and close sales faster.

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Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Chat
Customizable Open Source Ecommerce Portal

On-The-Fly Customizations

Create your own open source ecommerce portal. Map the data you care about by adding custom fields in your forms. Then customize form behavior by auto-fetching values, hide fields based on user roles, and create custom print formats — all without a single line of code.

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Multilingual Ecommerce Portal

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Multilingual Open Source Ecommerce Portal
Open Source Ecommerce Portal - Website Documentation

Self-Onboarding & Implementation

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