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Manage Employee Attendance Smartly

Open Source Attendance Management Tool - Monthly Attendance Sheet

Employee Information

Managing employee information can be tricky since it requires tracking external documents. That's why ERPNext makes it easy to upload and share multimedia files such as images, videos, documents. You can upload a file directly or input its web link. It's all your HR data in one place.

Open Source Attendance Management Tool - Employee Information
Open Source Attendance Management Tool - Attendance


Need to know whether each employee has been present on a particular day or not? In ERPNext, you can mark and record each employee's attendance daily with the Attendance doctype.

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Employee Attendance Tool

The Employee Attendance Tool lets you mark the attendance of multiple employees for a particular date. It also allows you to quickly add daily attendance records for multiple employees based on their department and branch.

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Open Source Attendance Management Tool - Employee Attendance Tool
Open Source Attendance Management Tool - Shift Management

Shift Management

The Shift Management section helps your organization manage employee shifts. The Shift Type document lets you define different types of shifts and set up auto-attendance for each shift.

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Auto-attendance marks employee attendance automatically, based on whether each employee assigned to a shift has actually checked in. It uses the Employee Check-In and Shift Type records to check and mark attendance hourly.

Open Source Attendance Management Tool - Auto-Attendance
Open Source Attendance Management Tool - Holiday List

Holiday Lists

Most organizations have a standard holiday list for their employees, but some even have different holiday lists based on different office locations or departments. ERPNext validates employee leave applications against the right holiday list.

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Leave Management

The leave calendar and centralized leave summary ledgers give you a fully transparent overview of employee leave data. Configure leave management options for a department or an entire business unit by determining weekends, the number of working hours, permission to transfer leaves and many other awesome features within a few clicks.

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Open Source Attendance Management Tool - Leave Calendar
Open Source Attendance Management Tool - Attendance Request

Attendance Request

Using the Attendance Request feature, employees can submit their attendance for days when their attendance wasn't marked for some reason (such as on-site duty or work from home). After this request is submitted, attendance records are created automatically in the system.

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Upload Attendance Tool

Though the Employee Attendance Tool allows you to easily mark employee attendance, it has its limitations. That's why ERPNext also includes the Upload Attendance Tool to help you upload attendance in bulk from a CSV file.

Open Source Attendance Management Tool - Upload Attendance Tool
Open Source Attendance Management Tool - Attendance Report

Validate Attendance In Payroll

Remote working is a hot trend these days, but if you're old school, you can validate the attendance of your employees in the payroll processing entry. By clicking on a simple checkbox, you can generate salary slips with deductions based on total days present, leave without pay, half days, and so on.

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On-The-Fly Customizations

Create your own attendance management system. Map the data you care about by adding custom fields in your forms. Then customize form behavior by auto-fetching values, hide fields based on user roles, and create custom print formats — all without a single line of code.

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Customizable Open Source Attendance Management Tool
Multilingual - Open Source Attendance Management Tool

Multilingual Attendance Management

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Self-Onboarding & Implementation

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Open Source Attendance Management Tool - HR Documentation

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