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ERPNext provides a simple yet powerful employee management system so that you can keep track of your employees, their payroll, attendance, and more!

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Employee Repository

Managing employee information can be complex and tricky considering that several documents have to be maintained. Upload and share multimedia files related your employees within few clicks. All information about your employees in a single place.

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Talent Acquisition

Manage recruitments for your organisation with an inbuilt recruitment tool that lets you plan manpower requirements, publish job openings on your website, review applicants, email correspondence, file attachments. Interlinking between staffing plan and job openings ensures you don't cross the budgets. Recruit and acquire talent smartly.

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Talent Acquistion
Employee Information

Employee Information

Managing employee information can be complex and tricky considering that external documents would be tracked too. Store all relevant employee data effortlessly. Provision to upload and share multimedia files such as images, videos, documents. You can choose to upload the file directly or a web link. All information about your human resources in one place.

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Documents Storage

There are various kinds of documents that are maintained by the HR department about their employees. Resumes, cover letters, degree certificates, authentication documents etc. Instead of dwelling with third-party storage apps, use ERPNext's file attachments to store multimedia documents of any format ranging from text, PDFs, reports, images or videos even.

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Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

After hiring an employee, there are a set of standard activities which need to be executed. This feature helps you to maintain the masters of these activities, and create a set of tasks. ERPNext creates a project with these tasks for you to track activities of the employee's onboarding engagement. Employee Onboarding can be created against for a Job Applicant or an Employee.

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Key Performance Indicators

Track employee performance maverick-style with Energy Points system and redefine team excellence. You can gamify the boredom that comes with performing mundane activities. Well, sometimes.

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Employee Training

Keep upgrading your skills of your team with human resource Training Program module. Schedule Training Events for your employees which are automatically linked to events so that everyone can view scheduled training and maintain their To-Do accordingly. ERPNext can help you enhance the quality of your organisation with a simple configuration.

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Employee Training Kanban
Employee Attendance

Employee Attendance

Real-time attendance processing with multiple options for attendance capturing and biometric hardware integration. This employee management software allows attendance tracking system to be integrated with payroll and leave management system; delivering you all the intuitive features needed for a flawless attendance management system.

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Employee Leave Management

Configure leave management options for a department or an entire business unit by determining weekends, the number of working hours, permission to transfer leaves and many such awesome features within a few clicks. The Leave calendar and centralized leave summary ledgers give you an overview of employee leave information with full transparency.

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Leave Calendar


Often there is a need for tracking activities across a project or any services that your organization offers. These hours can be tracked actively via timesheets. You can ensure the payroll entry also considers these while processing the salary of the employee. Just ensure your employees track where they spend their time, and bill their working hours with a single click.

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Painfree processing of Payroll that reduces processing time with its advanced payslip generation methods based on the timesheet, salary components, and salary structures. You can also automate the validation of employee attendance. Leave behind the overhead of generating individual salary slips with this employee management software.

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Expense Management

Managing employee expenses, travel requests can be done easily with ERPNext. Enable Managers to get an overview of employees' entire expenses at one go. Easy approvals with configurable workflows that come out-of-the-box to save you the manual effort of managing expense claims of your organisation.

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Employee Advance

Employee Advance

Sometimes employees go outside for company's work and the company pays some amount for their expenses in advance. This is when the employee can create an Employee Advance where details such as the purpose of expenses, amount, type etc are recorded. Based on employee advance, the employee can create an expense claim also.

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Employee Lifecycle

With ERPNext, you can effortlessly manage your employees. The details pertaining to an employee, expenses, attendance and leaves, advances, and payroll. ERPNext also offers templates for employee promotion, appraisals, transfers (within the organisation or territory) and separation. Anything you or your employees need has been embedded in this smart, DIY solution.

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Employee Lifecycle
On The Fly Customisations

On The Fly Customisations

Map important data specific to your business by adding custom fields in your forms. Customise form behaviour by auto-fetching values, hide fields based on user roles, create custom Print Formats all without writing a single line of code. Create your own version of employee management software.

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Multi Lingual Employee Management Software

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